Automated packing & palletizing

Automated packing & palletizing background

Automated packing and palletizing are used for the operation of loading your product into a pallet in a defined pattern. The robotic line for palletizing is consisting of a robot arm with multifunctional gripper, bag conveyor, bundle pack conveyor, pallet conveyor, automatic pallet wrapper and bottom sheet dispenser. To use very limited space, the robotic line for palletizing was introduced with a multifunctional gripper which can bring pallets from a magazine, bring bottom sheet onto an empty pallet and stack different types of products. When robot stacks all bags onto the pallet, it will be moved to automatic pallet wrapping machine then it is forwarded to the outfeed conveyor and picked up by a forklift.ETST offers customized solutions for packing and palletizing, whether you wanted fully automatic or semi-auto robots to upgrade your packaging line with integrated controls, achievable throughput, minimized floor space, reduced manpower, higher productivity and increase efficiency in handling products.

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