Mixing system

Mixing system background

Mixing is a key process in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries for different applications like paints, gels, cement, pastes, yoghurt, beer and other various products. A mixing system mixes substance into the liquid to form an emulsion, slurry, or other homogenous mixture. These substances may be solids, powders, other liquids, or even gas. Which blending technique you use for these mixtures depends on what components you want to mix together. Proper mixing systems target efficient and effective processing to achieve a consistent quality throughout the end product by analyzing and understanding product requirements, fluid flow aspects and equipment’s mechanical and power requirements. To select the best mixing solutions for your needs, ETST can design appropriate mixing system suitable for the ingredients of your product. We will plan the right components from feeding, to discharge of the mixed product, as well as other solutions with the control system, filling system and many other options.

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