Jumbo bag loading and unloading system

Jumbo bag loading and unloading system background

Jumbo bag unloading system, or also known as jumbo bag emptying station, ensures safe, effective, and dust-free emptying of big bulk bags for different types of materials that are powdered or granular. It could be equipped with various options of components and accessories that make it user-friendly and flexible to your requirements like massagers, electrical hoist, automatic diaphragm valve, jumbo bag closing system, rotary valve, and lump breaker. The loading of the jumbo bag will be carried out either by an electric hoist if you want a fully automated system or manually by a forklift to raise the bag through a lifting beam. It takes the bag to the desired height and moves it inside the structure and it could be optionally rested on the massagers. After it has been connected to the closing system, it will be ready for the product unloading. There will be a double-diaphragm pneumatic valve that has the task of regulating the flow of product that must pass through the rotary valve. There is also a lump breaker which breaks up the lumps that can form in the materials during the production or transport process. The structure could be positioned on load cells in order to check the weight and is provided with electro-pneumatic control panels with PLC. Jumbo bag loading system, or also known as jumbo bag filling stations, can be designed to operate as either manual or an automated system. Jumbo bag loading system helps your method of packaging to be very efficient, fast filling and economical for agricultural and industrial materials. This also improves plant safety by reducing the amount of physical handling required to load and unload the packaged material since they are designed to be moved by the use of a forklift or hoist. There are several different applications for jumbo bag unloading and loading system such as mixer loading, silo filling, bulk truck loading, weighing system, packaging system, production line feeding, batching, and dosing system. Consult with ETST to plan the fittest jumbo bag unloading and loading system for your requirements.

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