Dry mix mortar

Dry mix mortar background

Dry Mix Mortar is made of readily mixed raw materials in powder or granule formlike cement, lime, sand, powder and other chemicals which may also include additives and polymers to significantly improve technical performance.  It is produced in specially designed dry mix mortar plants in which binders and aggregate are mixed in the appropriate way and are transported to site into bags or silos and can be used directly after mixing with an adequate amount of water.  Compared with the traditional method of mixing mortar, the use of dry mix mortar has various advantages like substantial improvement in workmen efficiency, ensuring construction quality, protecting the environment and saving raw materials.ETST will help you design dry mix mortar plant which will be mainly composed of an efficient mixing system, a storage system, a conveying system, a hoisting system, a weighing system, a raw material storage system, a packaging system,  a  dust removal system,  a  material level control system,  an alarm system,  an air pressure system, a control system, etc. In areas where commodity sand is lacking, crushing systems, screening systems, and drying systems can be added. The production line can be utilized to produce common masonry mortar, common plastering mortar, rendering mortar, cementation mortar and other types of mortar. We experienced in handling different dry mix mortar with product types like grouts,  wall putty,  tile adhesive, masonry blocks,  and many others.  Consult with  ETST  now to find the best dry mix mortar system tailored according to your requirements, materials, and capacities.

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